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The electrical installation division of RPE PK-Electric performs a full range of installation and commissioning of the wide-range electrical equipment at facilities of various categories of difficulty. The division consists of qualified specialists who have required practical and theoretical knowledge of the electrical equipment and the principles of its operation, as well as all the necessary permits and accesses to perform their duties.

Construction, installation and commissioning works are performed based on the license of State Inspectorate of Architecture and Urban Planning of Ukraine No. XXXXX and in accordance with the requirements of the EIC (Electrical installation code) norms and rules and SNiP (construction norms and regulations) of Ukraine.

The priority task of our company is to provide the most optimal management of the each project implementation process, which, in turn, leads to minimizing the customer's costs both at implementation stage and during the facility operation. This becomes possible due to constant interaction of specialists from all the divisions of LLC SPE PK-Electric – electrical installation, engineering, production. This work arrangement allows solving most of the tasks arising as a result of the project implementation very fast and without customer's staff involvement.

When performing installation works, only high-quality installation materials are used, which is provided by long-term contractual relations with manufacturers of cable and wire products, cable-carrying systems and lighting equipment. The result of strict criteria for selection of the materials used is the optimal ratio of their price and quality.

The result of making high demands regarding the quality of your work is as follows:

  • High-quality final product: qualified employees of the company have all the permits to perform installation work and comply with state regulatory requirements.
  • Reduction of construction duration: clear and well-established coordination as “designer – manufacturer – installer” bundled, which leads to minimizing influence the customer's staff.
  • Minimization of material costs: competent actions of specialists from the stage of drawing up design and estimate documentation to performing installation make it impossible for the risks of unproductive costs of the customer to arise.
  • High-quality and full-featured training of the customer's staff: during commissioning the representatives of RPE PK-Electric conduct briefings and training in terms of work and safe operation of the equipment installed.