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Company Profile

The Research and Production Enterprise PK-Eleсtriс was established in 2014 and during its existence have gained reputation as responsible and executive company. Solving complex tasks in the field of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the electrical equipment for such industries as power energy (including nuclear), metallurgy, mining and others.

Our partners are such global manufacturers as Schneider Electric, ABB, ETI, etc. Our company cooperates not only with Ukrainian customers, but also with other countries. We guarantee necessary functionality and maximum life duration of the equipment manufactured.

The works and services performed by our company

  • The facility investigation for analysis and issuance of the proposals regarding equipment modernization.
  • Technical and commercial proposal development.
  • Design and construction works. Development of schemes and design solutions, working and operational documentation of the products manufactured..
  • Production of complete products according to the Customer's own projects and documentation.
  • Installation, supervisory and commissioning works of the equipment supplied by the efforts of the qualified specialists at the Customer's facility.
  • Warranty, post-warranty, service maintenance and repair of all the equipment manufactured and supplied.

We use only high-quality products from the domestic and foreign manufacturers!

Our team will perform setting up the equipment on time and professionally!

Our engineers, installers and adjusters are the experts in their field!